Student Affairs and Alumni Division

Administrative, Discipline and Special Task Unit

The Student Services Center was established by the end of 2012 in line with the restructuring of units at the Student Services Center.

Administrative, Discipline and Special Task Unit is responsible for managing matters relating to general administration of the office and students discpline affairs.

The tasks associated with the general administration of the office carried out by this unit are to plan and monitor office allocation, manage office procurement, management and monitoring of equipment records or inventory.

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) has a Student Disciplinary Committee in which the Secretariat of the UNIMAS Student Disciplinary Committee is divided into two (2) namely as Academic Disciplinary Offenses conducted by the Division of Undergraduate Studies (BPPS) while the Non-Academic Disciplinary Offenses committed by the Students Service Center (PKP). PKP is responsible for the Non-Academic Disciplinary Offenses and ensuring the implementation of University and University Colleges Act (AUKU), 1971 (Amended 2012) and UNIMAS Rules 1999 among UNIMAS students.

  • Office Administration
  • Monitoring the implementation of the quality processes of PKP
  • Staff supervision 
  • Implementation of MPP Selection
  • Planning and implementation of HEPA activities / University activities directed
  • The Secretariat of the PKP meeting
  • Ensure the implementation of AUKU 1971 (Amended 2012)
  • Managing Disciplinary proceedings for student misconduct (Non-Academic)
  • Enforcement of disciplinary rules among students