Student Affairs and Alumni Division

Entrepreneurship Development Centre

Began to be known as the Entrepreneurship Unit around 2005 and converted into Entrepreneurship and Industrial Relations Unit in 2010. On 24 August 2011, the proposed establishment of the Entrepreneurial Development Center was proposed and discussed at the UNIMAS Management Committee Meeting. UNIMAS Management Committee only agrees on its basis and only the unit name is upgraded to the Entrepreneur Development Center. However, in terms of operation and implementation as PTj was not granted approval due to financial and human resources constraints.


Although the unit name has been upgraded to the centre, the use of the name of the Entrepreneurship Development Unit (UPK) has been adopted until now to avoid confusion and misconception. UPK was placed under the auspices of the Vice-Chancelor (Student Affairs & Alumni) Office which operates as a unit within the Student Development Center at Level 3, Student Affairs and Alumni Building, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak.

Since then, UPK has grown so rapidly that UPK's responsibilities are growing with increased activities and entrepreneurial programs under UPK management and monitoring. At the university level, UPK together with Student Affairs and Alumni are responsible for managing and regulating entrepreneurial activities and programs such as the Siswaniaga Program (4 lottery stalls at Student Pavillion, 10 MyKiosk units and 2 Ministries KESISMA at Kolej Kenanga and Sakura) programs organized by the Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE), National Institute of Entrepreneurship (INSKEN), the Ministry of International and Industry (MITI) and the University of Malaysia Student Entrepreneurship Council (MAKMUM).

UPK is also responsible for monitoring and supervising three (3) UNIMAS registered clubs namely Student Entrepreneurship Club (KESISMA), UNIMAS MyAGrosis Club and UNIMAS Student User Movement (GPS).


To become a University Health Centre that provides primary healthcare equivalent to a physically fit UNIMAS citizen.


To generate students with entrepreneurial values and entrepreneurial spirit and to create student entrepreneurs as well as to enhance the student marketibility of UNIMAS through entrepreneurship after graduation.


  • Improve students' culture, strengthening and practical entrepreneurship programs / activities at UNIMAS
  • Enhancing student participation in UNIMAS in entrepreneurial programs / activities
  • Expand and enhance collaborative networks and smart partnerships in entrepreneurship with government and private agencies
  • Generate graduates among UNIMAS students