Kolej Allamanda

Kolej Allamanda

Kolej Allamanda terletak di Kampus Barat dan berhampiran Kolej Sakura.

Terdapat 221 apartmen yang boleh memuatkan seramai 1,768 mahasiswa
Blok kediaman terbahagi kepada 3 ( K2, K3 & K4) iaitu :

Kolej Bunga Raya

Kolej Bunga Raya

Kolej ini berhampiran dengan Kolej Tun Ahmad Zaidi dan Kolej Cempaka.

Terdapat tiga (3) blok iaitu blok A, B dan C.
Kolej ini mampu menyediakan penempatan untuk pelajar seramai 1,998 orang penghuni.

Kolej Cempaka

Kolej Cempaka

Kolej Cempaka terletak berhampiran dengan bangunan pentadbiran universiti.

Terdapat 224 buah apartmen yang dapat memuatkan 2,016 orang.
Terdapat 3 blok kediaman iaitu
Blok K8 (K8A & K8B) Blok K9 (K9A & K9B) Blok K10 (K10A & K10B)

Kolej Dahlia

Kolej Dahlia

Kolej Dahlia terletak berhampiran Fakulti Sains dan Teknologi Sumber.

Kolej Dahlia boleh menempatkan 1720 penghuni.
Blok Kediaman Dahlia A / Blok Kediaman Dahlia B

Kolej Kasturi

Kolej Kasturi

Kolej Kasturi terletak di Lot 77, Section 22, KTLD Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, 93150 Kuching.

Kolej Perubatan terletak Berdekatan Kompleks Belia & Sukan

Kolej Kenanga

Kolej Kenanga

Kolej Kenanga terletak berhampiran dengan pintu masuk belakang di Kampus Timur.

Terdapat empat blok kediaman 4 tingkat di Kolej Kenanga iaitu Blok A dan B merupakan blok siswi
Blok C dan D ialah blok siswa

Kolej Rafflesia

Kolej Rafflesia

Kolej Rafflesia merupakan kolej kediaman luar kampus yang terletak di Taman Desa Ilmu.

Kolej Rafflesia mempunyai 15 blok dengan 480 apatmen
12 Blok dikhaskan untuk kediaman siswi manakala 3 blok pula untuk kediaman siswa

Kolej Sakura

Kolej Sakura

Kolej Sakura terletak berhampiran dengan Kolej Allamanda dan Fakulti Sains Komputer dan Teknologi Maklumat (FSKTM),

Kolej ini terdiri daripada tiga (3) blok iaitu A, B dan C
yang dapat menampung sehingga 900 orang pelajar pada setiap semester.

Kolej Seroja

Kolej Seroja

Kolej Seroja terletak di kampus timur UNIMAS berhampiran dengan Masjid dan Dewan UNIMAS.

Terdapat 5 blok kediaman 2 tingkat iaitu Blok A dan Blok B merupakan blok siswi
Blok M, Blok N dan Blok P ialah blok siswa

Kolej Tun Ahmad Zaidi

Kolej Tun Ahmad Zaidi

Kolej ini terletak berhampiran dengan Kolej Bunga Raya, Kolej Cempaka dan Kompleks Sukan.

2 blok kediaman pelajar (4 tingkat) berkonsepkan apartmen yang mampu menampung seramai 520 orang pelajar
Blok A menempatkan pelajar siswi
Blok B menempatkan pelajar siswa

Sponsorship Management & Student Pass

This unit also act as a medium of student interaction with a sponsorship body that provides advice and information as well as generates information regarding the various sponsorship offered for UNIMAS students. However, students can apply for various sponsorship that have been advertised in local National newspapers (for sponsorship that not offered to UNIMAS).

As for now, about thirty-three (33) active sponsor agencies offer loans and scholarships to UNIMAS students. The National Higher Education Fund (PTPTN) and Malaysian Public Service Department (JPA) are among the two (2) largest sponsors providing financial assistance throughout the duration of their studies at UNIMAS (subject to the duration of study offered by UNIMAS). In addition, the unit is also responsible for coordinating the development of PKP staff.

This unit covers;

  • Identify and advise troubled students in obtaining sponsorship resources. 
  • Spread any form of information from sponsors for student knowledge (notice at each Faculty and Residential College, HEPA's official website and FB site: UNIMAS Sponsor Management and Student Pass Unit.
  • Organize meeting sessions between students and sponsors, and provide support for every activity sponsored by sponsors for under sponsored students. 
  • As a medium interaction for students with the sponsors, Student Finance Unit, Undergraduates and units or divisions involved either directly or indirectly in solving student sponsorship issues. 

  • PTPTN education financing is open to all student at IPTA who study full time, part time and distance at the following level:-
    • Diploma
    • Bachelor
    • Degree
    • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
    • Professional Course
  • Students who have received PTPTN funding for previous studies but fail to complete their studies may apply for second time to continue their studies once all previous debts are settled. However, the consideration for second-time funding is subject to adequate financial allocation. 
  • Students who have received PTPTN funding and successfully completed their previous studies can apply for a higher level of study. Applications for the same level of study will not be considered. 
  • Students who have received PTPTN loans, but receive funding from other sponsors may make a second application according to the categories below:-
    • For students who receive other sponsorship and do not overlap funding (get PTPTN funding and other sponsors in different semesters:- Students can apply for a second time but must submit an appeal with the required supporting documents and certify that the sponsorship of the borrower does not overlap with PTPTN. 
    • For students who receive other sponsorship and overlap funding (get PTPTN funding and other sponsors in the same semester):- Students can apply for a second time but need to complete the amount of funding overlapping lump sum within the prescribed period.
  • Students who cancel the PTPTN education funding and fund their own residuals may also apply for a secong time but must submit an appeal along with the necessary supporting documents and certify that the student is funding his or her own studies without receiving funding from any other sponsors. 
  • Financing will be discontinued if the student fails to continue his studies at department or IPT level as specified in the loan application. The student is required to reimburse the money earned from PTPTN during the course of study which has been followed as stated in the agreement.

  •  Open a saving account (private) according to the bank specified by the respective IPT. For UNIMAS using Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad (BIMB) 

The method of education financing application is online via PTPTN Anjung at The applicant must purchase a pin number at any branch of Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) to enable the applicant to access the online application system. Applications can be made within a month prior to the date of enrollment to their respective IPT.

  • Supporting Document which has been set for application for PTPTN Financing is as follows:-
    • Copy of applicant's Identity Card (front and back cover made copies on the same page) 
    • Copy of Certified of Education (SPM) (Note: For submitting a copy of SPM / SPMV / examination results slip, only slip that not exceeding 2 years from examination year is applicable) 
    • Copy of Admission Offer Letter to IPT (letter of offer from IPT website printable but must be confirmed by officer in IPT concerned only)
    • Copy of bank account book (page registered account number) / Copy of Slip Deposit / Copy of Confirmation of private account number according to bank specified by PTPTN according to respective IPT. The copy must have information such as name, identity card number and applicant's account number. (This document is required if the account number printed on the student's Bid Document is incorrect) 
    • Copy of transcript of examination results and other entry qualification certified. Examples: STPM / DIPLOMA / MATRICULATION / DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF MASTER / MASTER OF DEGREE (MASTER) (Note: Please enclose a graduation confirmation letter from the IPT that conducts the entry qualification if the applicant has not received the certificate and the transcript of the exam also does not specify that the student has graduated / eligible to be awarded a certificate)
    • Copy of Salary Slip (when application is submitted) / Copy of Income Tax Form (Individual) / Copy of Pensioner / Copy of Parent/Guardian/Applicant/Applicant's Spouse Non-Employment Verification 
    • Copy of Identity Card / Copy of parent passport as guarantor 
    • Copy of Death Certificate / Letter of Oath if the biological mother/father has died or cannot be traced
    • Copy of Confirmation Letter/ Declaration from Social Welfare Department/Zakat Centre/ If the applicant/siblinngs/guardian is the recipient of monthly assistance from the relevant agency 
    • Two (2) pieces of Revenue Stamp worth RM10.00 each. Please get at Post Office. 

    • For students who apply for PTPTN Education Financing for the second semester of study and above, additional supporting documents (COMPULSORY) that must be submitted by the student are as follows:-
      • Copy of Confirmation Letter of Still Study from the IPT. Validation from the Dean/Head of Program/Student Affairs Officer.
      • Copy of every previous semester's examination results
    • Copies of the supporting documents above shall be provided by the applicant using white colour of A4 paper and validate by eligible employees.
    • Officers who can be witnesses STUDENTS and GUARANTEES, and for confirmation of the above supporting documents are as follows:-
      • People's Representatives / Senator 
      • Government Officers (Management and Professional Group)
      • Law Practitioner 
      • Commissioner of Oath / Justice of Peace 
      • Principal / Headmaster (Government school only)
      • Police Officer of rank ASP and above / Military Officer of rank Captain or equivalent and above 
      • Village Chief / Penggawa / Chief / Head of Society / District Development Officer / Chairman of JKKK (Village Development and Security Committee)
      • For Sabah and Sarawak – Tribe Chief/Ketua Anak Negeri/Kapitan/ Pemanca/Pegawai Taman Sabah

        (Penting :Semua pegawai atau saksi hendaklah warganegara Malaysia yang bermastautin di Malaysia. Cop pegawai atau saksi hendaklah lengkap mempunyai Jawatan Pegawai dan Jabatan/Alamat di mana pegawai bertugas)

  • Pengeluaran pembiayaan pendidikan akan dikreditkan terus ke akaun pelajar. Pengeluaran pembiayaan kali pertama hanya dibuat setelah perjanjian yang sempurna diterima oleh PTPTN.
  • Bagi bayaran semester berikutnya, pengeluaran pembiayaan akan dibuat setelah PTPTN menerima pengesahan status pelajar daripada IPT masing-masing bahawa pelajar berjaya meneruskan pengajian dan memperolehi keputusan GPA 2.0 dan ke atas.
  • Pelajar mendapat keputusan peperiksaan dengan GPA kurang daripada 2.00;
  • Menangguhkan pengajian; dan
  • Dikenakan tindakan tatatertib dan dijatuhkan hukuman gantung pengajian
  • Pemberhentian pengeluaran pembiayaan pendidikan akan dibuat apabila pelajar gagal/berhenti/mendapat penajaan lain/menukar kursus pengajian dengan mengulang semester/membatalkan tawaran PTPTN semasa di dalam tempoh perjanjian dengan PTPTN. Pelajar dikehendaki membayar balik pembiayaan yang telah diperoleh daripada PTPTN sepanjang tempoh pengajian yang telah diikuti sebagaimana yang telah ditetapkan dalam perjanjian.
  • Pelajar-pelajar yang bertukar program pengajian dengan status mengulang semester. Maklumat lanjut atau sebarang pertanyaan boleh diperoleh daripada laman web atau email kepada This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. my atau pegawai PTPTN berikut;

  • PTPTN HOTLINE - 03-2092 7788

Alamat Surat Menyurat:

Pejabat PTPTN Negeri Sarawak, Penolong Pengurus Kanan Pejabat PTPTN Negeri Sarawak,

Lot 519, No 15-1, Seksyen 6 KTLD, Al-Idrus Commercial Centre, Jalan Kulas Tengah, 93400, Kuching Sarawak. Tel: 082-234 608/082-234 081 Faks: 082-239 315

  • Kemudahan perkhidmatan kaunter berpusat yang disediakan kepada pelanggan adalah:-
    • Pertanyaan dan Aduan;
    • Rundingcara;
    • Bayaran balik pinjaman;
    • Pembukaan akaun dan penambahan deposit SSPN; dan
    • Kemudahan capaian internet bagi menjalankan aktiviti berkaitan dengan PTPTN.

    Waktu Urusan adalah seperti berikut

    Weekdays (Isnin - Jumaat)

    8.00am - 05.00pm (Monday - Khamis)
    8.30am - 12.15pm, 2.45pm - 5.00pm (Friday)


Senarai Semak Permohonan Pas Pelajar

Borang Permohonan
  • Borang Permohonan Pas Pelajar (IM.14-Pin1/97)

  • 2 Salinan
  • Dokumen Perjalanan Terhad / Pasport Antarabangsa

  • Muka Depan hingga muka surat terakhir yang telah dicop/digunakan
  • 2 Salinan
Kad Pengenalan
  • Salinan MyKad

  • (Depan/Belakang) yang telah disahkan
  • 2 Salinan
  • Gambar berukuran Passport

  • 2 Salinan
Surat Tawaran
  • Salinan Surat Tawaran yang telah disahkan

  • 2 Salinan
Surat Pengesahan
  • Surat Pengsahan Osebagai Pelajar UNIMAS (Untuk Pelajar Lama)

  • 2 Salinan

Permohonan Perlanjutan Pas Pelajar

Sila kemukan dokumen berikut

Surat Pengesahan
  • Surat Pengesahan sebagai Pelajar UNIMAS(Dapatkan daripada Bahagian Pengajian Siswazah - BPPS)

  • Surat Pengesahan
  • DPT
  • Dokumen Perjalanan Terhad/Passport

  • To be updated soon.



    Unit Pentadbiran & Tatatertib

    Maecenas et imperdiet enim, tincidunt ullamcorper nunc. Sed elit erat, sollicitudin sed euismod et, ultricies et nisl quis libero.

    Unit Kewangan

    Maecenas et imperdiet enim, tincidunt ullamcorper nunc. Sed elit erat, sollicitudin sed euismod et, ultricies et nisl quis libero.

    Unit Kegiatan Pelajar

    Maecenas et imperdiet enim, tincidunt ullamcorper nunc. Sed elit erat, sollicitudin sed euismod et, ultricies et nisl quis libero.

    Unit Pengurusan Penajaan, Pas Pelajar, Mobiliti & Komuniti

    Maecenas et imperdiet enim, tincidunt ullamcorper nunc. Sed elit erat, sollicitudin sed euismod et, ultricies et nisl quis libero.

    To be updated soon.